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Credit Building


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Our mission here at the GWUCUI is to strengthen the GW community by helping students and alumni bank cheaply, build credit, better manage their finances and develop valuable skill sets that they can bring to their careers. We seek to accomplish this goal by chartering a student-run Credit Union. A credit union is essentially a non-profit bank. This allows us to not only provide small loans at a low rate, but also provide more interest on members deposits! In addition to banking services, we will offer a unique credit building program that builds their credit score and knowledge of their finances. All these services aim to empower the GW community while also providing job experience for GW students interested in any fields. You can help us achieve our goals to service the GW community by donating or joining our initiative!



Development Team


Sahil Pankhaniya

Chief Executive Officer

Sahil Pankhaniya is a junior from Florida. Mr. Pankhaniya is majoring in finance and mathematics. Mr. Pankhaniya worked as an accounting intern at New Frontier Data.


Colin Brodie

Development Associate

Colin Brodie is a junior from New York. Mr. Brodie joined GWUCUI in 2017 and is majoring in economics.


Scott Rothschild

Development Associate

Scott Rothschild is a junior from Pennsylvania. Mr. Rothschild is majoring in accountancy.


Oliver Harris

Development Associate

Oliver Harris is a sophomore from New Jersey. Mr. Harris is majoring in business administration with a concentration in real estate. Previously, Mr. Harris worked as an intern for Van Wagner Group, LLC.

Operations Team


Sarah Strope

Operations Analyst

Sarah Strope is a junior from Pennsylvania. Ms. Strope is an international affairs major.

Technology Team


Christian Trummer

Chief Technology Officer

Christian Trummer is a junior from Pennsylvania. Mr. Trummer is a civil engineering major. Mr. Trummer has worked at Elsner Engineering, Inc. as a production staff member.


Ander Tebbutt

Technology Chair

Ander Tebbutt is a sophomore from Iowa. Mr. Tebbutt is an accountancy major.


Oliver Broadrick

Technology Analyst

Oliver Broadrick is a sophomore from Massachusetts. Mr. Broadrick is a computer science major.


Giana Fiore

Technology Analyst

Giana Fiore is a junior from Virginia. Ms. Fiore is a computer science major.

Communications Team


Drew Haskins

Communications Chair

Drew Haskins is a junior from Hong Kong. Mr. Haskins is majoring in business administration with a concentration in international business.


Keyla Ruiz

Communications Analyst

Keyla Ruiz is a sophomore from Chicago. Ms. Ruiz is a criminal justice major.



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